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Tilon Noise Barriers

Noise and its insidious effects on workplace and home environments are becoming much more widely appreciated. The need to protect people from these effects is beyond question and is now enshrined in codes of practice and design guidelines in industries such as road and rail.

Tilon Industrial provides a wide range of environmental noise barrier solutions for use in infrastructure and industrial developments where noise reduction is of paramount importance. Whatever your project requirements we are confident we can provide you with the ideal solution from our range of high performance noise reflective and absorbent barrier systems.

Tilon Environmental Noise Barrier Systems are manufactured from high strength reinforced polymers totally negating the use of timber together with its inherent issues within their construction. Our systems consist of highly durable rigid panels that will not warp or shrink, are rot proof and resistant to aggressive environments and compounds such as salt spray and oils all without the need for additional surface treatments throughout their operational life.

Reflective Panels

Noise Absorptive Panels

Graffiti Resistant

The surface of the barrier is non absorbent to liquids spray paints can be easily removed with a recommended cleaning fluid and water jet leaving them as good as new.

Rapid Installation - No Lifting

Up to 3 M high no plant is required. Which i sthe biggest risk to site safety. Simply installed by hand in under 5 minutes.

Longetivity - Whole Life Costs

The materials of construction utilised in our environmental noise barrier systems are exceptionally durable, providing years of maintenance free performance without further treatment.


Whether selecting reflective or absorbent options, high density composite surfaces in conjunction with high density mineral infill panels ensure consistent high acoustic performance throughout the length of the barrier. All designs are certified to the very latest European standards


Composite materials of construction will not warp or shrink ensuring acoustic tightness of the barrier is not compromised over its operating life


Tilon Environmental noise barriers are manufactured in the UK to ISO9001

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