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Tilon Supadek H416 Plastic Scaffold Boards

Supadek is an innovative plastic scaffold board that is revolutionising the scaffolding and access markets. Manufactured from a recyclable polymer composite, Supadek possesses many unique features and benefits that give it a number of distinct advantages over its more traditional timber and steel alternatives.  Lightweight, durable and strong, Supadek is easier to use, cleaner and safer than timber and steel decking boards. It is suitable for a wider variety of applications and other, more specialised, areas. Safety, easy handling, cost savings and environmental responsibility are just a few of the benefits that Supadek delivers, making it the preferred choice for many scaffolding and access contractors.


Supadek's integral textured, high grip surface provides sure footing in virtually every working situation, whilst the absence of knots, splitting, rotting, warping, rusting and denting ensures consistently high strength and performance characteristics throughout the board's working life as well as eliminating the risk of injury from splinters or metal bands. Stronger than a British Standard timber scaffold board, Supadek is impervious to water and   resistant to oil, solvents, acids and salt water, reinforcing the board's safety features and significantly enhancing its versatility and durability in application.

Easy to Use

Supadek is lighter than a British Standard timber scaffold board. This, together with Supadek's consistent weight characteristics, particularly in wet conditions where the board's impermeability to water ensures that it does not gain weight through water absorption, make Supadek one of the easiest and safest boards to handle.

The lack of splinters and metal bands reduces the risk of hand injuries, whilst ergonomic rubber end caps with finger grips and the board's high grip surface further enhance Supadek's ease of handling.

Versatility in use is assured by the range of sizes available for batten and board applications and the fact that Supadek can be easily cut to size, making it suitable for use with all popular scaffolding and access systems.

System Features & Benefits
Applications & Sectors used

Due to the excellent non-contamination, anti-static and fire rating Tilon Supadek is used in the following industries & sectors.