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Tilon Noise Reflective Panels

Tilon Noise Reflective barriers consist of glass fibre reinforced beams utilised in conjunction with locking sections to create the desired panel height. The materials of construction, in conjunction with the uncomplicated system design ensure high levels of acoustic tightness and mechanical performance. Panels can be delivered to site prefabricated making for high speed installation or alternatively delivered in kit format for projects set back from road access.


Acoustic Reflectance

Category B3 according to BSEN1793-2:1998 Intrinsic characteristics of Airborne Sound Insulation

Mechanical performance (TENB45R)

Maximum span of 3000mm according to BSEN1794:2003-7 Stability under Wind and Dynamic Loads

Mechanical performance (TENB65R)

Maximum span of 4000mm according to BSEN1794:2003-7 Stability under Wind and Dynamic Loads


Design Flexibility

Non standard & raked panels of varying

angles can be accommodated for individual projects


Tilon Environmental Noise Barriers are available in 45 or 65 mm thick options. Both options are tested in accordance to European specifications and achieving B3 rating.

System Features

Variable span

Tilon Industrial TENB45 and TENB65 system

options offer allowable maximum spans of <3000 mm and 4000 mm respectfully.

Colour Scheme

Standard colours are natural brown and silver pine. Panels can be manufactured to bespoke colours allowing barrier designers to develop features & designs sympathetic to the immediate environment.

Material Specification

Composite Backing Panel

Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene inner core with UV stabilised HDPE outer co-extrusion

Locking sections

Exterior grade extruded uPVC profile


Anti Vandal exterior grade screws