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Tilon High Performance Composite Decking

Have you ever wished that your decking could always look as good as the first day it was laid without all the fuss and expense of regular maintenance? With the new Tilon Performance Decking you get a product that looks as good as new, even years after it has been laid - no fuss and maintenance free!.

Tilon Performance Decking is manufactured from a tough extruded polymer composite material and is produced in the UK. Our performance decking is completely wood free making ideal for use in domestic decks as well as commercial and marine projects.

Our commercial board at 225 x 45 can span 1.2 LM which is excellent for applications such as bridges, boardwalks. It can span 1.2 M allowing major savings to the project cost.

Low Weight - High Span

Maintenance-free - easy to clean non absorbent surface, just a quick wash down once in a while will keep your Tilon Performance Decking looking as good as new.

Weather resistant - completely wood free and waterproof so it doesn’t warp, twist or shrink, making it perfect for the demands of the British climate.

UV stabilized - high specification stabilizers mean the decking is designed to be used outdoors with minimal discoloration after years of service.

High strength - glass fibre reinforcement means it doesn’t require as many supports as wood, or wood composite so you use less material plus no unsightly sagging.

Stain resistant - untreated wood or wood composite surfaces can easily stain with common food items such as grease, Tilon Performance Decking is non absorbent so is easily cleaned keeping it’s good looks year after year.

System Benefits

Typical applications include -


Commercial Landscaping